FK Bearing Factory

FK is the abbreviation of “Find solution, Keep rotation”, which decides that the company should grow the business by providing products and services from the end user's point of view. Founded in 1969, FK has been focusing on bearing units research, production and integrated solutions for applications, our more than 50 years’ experience in bearing units drive us to strive for Bearing Units Expert and Leading Supplier, FK Bearing Group was awarded “Manufacturing Single Item Champion Enterprise (Bearing Units)”.

FK Bearing Group consists of a parent company FK Bearing Group Co., Ltd. (former Nanan Bearing Co., Ltd.) and subsidiaries OTC(Xiamen) Bearing Co., Ltd (former Xiamen Bearing Factory), XIAMEN FK IMP.&EXP.,CO.,LTD. We focus on bearing units, providing suitable products and services with agile delivery to meet different demands from users, we insist on starting from pre-sales service, based on the core characteristics and needs of each user's equipment, we are the first one in the industry to propose “different solutions for different users” and provide matched solution for different application, now we have developed over 30 bearing units solutions for different sub industries, helping users avoid after-sales service for their equipment. In order to achieve the goal of “agile delivery of customized bearing units”, we have built an integrated, automated, intelligent and flexible production factory with the whole industrial chain of insert bearing and housing, from strict selection of raw materials, adoption of optimized processes and excellent equipment, to self-developed specialized equipment, supplemented by automated testing and sorting, strict quality control is implemented in each process to ensure high product stability and consistency, this help us surpass competitor’s one product for all industries or unknown delivery of customized products, help users create more value for their equipment. With an annual output and sales of over 20 million pieces, FK is a globally leading factory for bearing units with leading technology, biggest capacity and best sales for many years.

As a member of the National Rolling Bearing Standardization Technical Committee, FK Bearing Group is the main drafter of 7 China National Bearing Units Standards and 7 China Industry Bearing Units Standards. We have a provincial-level enterprise technology center in Fujian, a research institute for high-speed &mute bearing units, a testing center for long-life bearing units, and two production bases in Nanan and Xiamen. We are a national level “little giant” enterprise that focus on specialization, refinement, uniqueness and innovation and a national high-tech enterprise. 

Bearing units can be mounted easily, and provide simple and effective bearing arrangements capable of accommodating moderate initial misalignment from mounting errors, they are widely used in almost all factory automation production, such as logistics machinery, environmental protection equipment, automotive inspection lines, packaging machinery, building material production lines, etc.,food and pharmaceutical grade production, such as food processing production lines, beverage container and bottling production lines, mask production lines, glove production lines, etc., extreme application such as heavy dust agricultural machinery equipment, mining equipment, high-temperature heat treatment furnaces, wet fruit and vegetable cleaning lines, high pollution waste treatment systems, etc., as well as various living application such as HVAC fans, escalators, central kitchens, mechanical parking equipment, airport luggage transmission lines, etc. 

In order to quickly serve and deliver continuous value-added services to end users, FK have established sales and service network of 4 regional warehouse in China and 7 continental warehouse around the world with our partners.

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